Thursday, October 23, 2008


Here's a little something else I did at "camp crop". Our "baby girl" is going to be "18" in December. I still can't believe it. We are so proud. Especially because she has a heart of GOLD.

As you can see, there aren't any embellishments added just yet. This is a 7 Gypsies Gated Album. It turned out to be so thick after covering the pages with paper, that I had to remove the binding, added a larger one, but it still wasn't working out, remember, no embellies yet, except when you open it. I added some chip board and a leaf overlay. I could tell this album wasn't gonna work out, but I love this gated album. So, I went into the garage into my hubby's stash and found some black waxy kinda looking thick stringy stuff........ took the second binding out and used that. Now, I can add as many embellishments as I want, the book can now expand to however I want it. It's fun to go back and look at your home, how you decorated it, the things you had in it, this and that. Just yesterday, I was going through some old pics and came across our little house on the Springtown Golf Course in Livermore, CA. I couldn't believe it. I had pics of our son's room (he was 2 when we moved there) the kitchen (I was into blue country ducks, blue everything!) and the dining room and livingroom, one wall was even painted half way down in peach with a blue and peach country border. Oh, and I must not forget to mention the old turquoise ( isn't quite the color, it was darker and much uglier) carpet that everytime I vaccumed, the vaccum would suck up pieces of the carpet. That's when I thought I would ask the "owner" of our little home to please consider installing new carpet. I figured it was either yes or no-what did I have to loose, other than to keep making holes in the carpet. Well, he came through, and with all the excitement, he even let me pick out the color and texture! Ahh, what a beautiful dark peach color I choose, can you believe it? But I was happy. This new dark peach carpet completed our little home. All this in our cozy, comfy little home of approx. 800 square feet, two bedroom, two bath house on the 9th hole of the golf course. I'll make a pocket in the back of my album and add those pictures, what a treasure! I could see everything and what our son had as a "little guy", all his toys, and his Pound Puppy bedspread. What memories it brought back. I'm so happy I took those pics back then, and don't forget, I didn't even know scrapbooking even existed 20 years ago! Don't forget: making an album of your "HOME" is also good for your Home Owners Insurance. You never know. I even took pictures of my favorite treasures around my home...and yes, even my scraproom and all the items I use - Cricut Expression - Revolution, down to my trusty little tape runner! We all know that the most cherished and important is our "lives"- as we all know, love ones cannot be replaced. So, momentums and Scrappy stuff , jewerly, etc., are NOT covered under our Home Owner's Insurance unless you have a separate "rider" to cover these items. I was reading a blog: a woman that designs for had a horrific fire in her home, the photos I viewed were unreal - unbelieveable, had she been in her bedroom, she wouldn't be here today. She's been scrapping for many years.........her beautiful albums, every little thing was gone. But that didn't matter, she and her family are safe and that's what counts. So this "HOME" album I am putting together is for good use as well. It will be in safe keeping along with my other things. Mmm, this album is taking longer than I thought. I think I will just keep adding the pics and go back and add some embellishments. Can you see my "Boston" sleeping on the floor near the T.V.?

Here you can see where I had to remove the binding and add that waxy stringy stuff. I works really well, you can tie if off big or small. It can also be fixed later if my album gets extra fat!

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