Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anniversary Cards to each other. Happy 27 years Steven!


It was our "27th" wedding anniversary last Friday. Steven was at work and Reiko and I took off for the scrap book Expo. Here's some photos of our day.

I went outside to get some air (and rain). I saw this guy in the distance, I didn't even have my glasses on. I kept staring at him...I would turn away. I looked at him again and again while he was walking my way. I told myself "that guy is handsome". Then I said to myself, what in the h... and I thinking! Omgosh, it was my husband. I couldn't believe it! He left work and came to Pleasanton, got thru the gate where you pay for parking. He came to kiss me and wish me "Happy Anniversary". I didn't see him that morning, I was surprised and so happy. I thank God every day for my loving, kind, sweet and generous husband and the father of our children. My husband spoils me rotten.  I knew him for 3 months..then eloped! And now it's been 27 years. I wouldn't change a thing, well maybe just a few things....just kidding. I love remembering our love story.  I love you Steven.

And now for some CRAZY FUN!!!

While we were at the Heartfelt Creations booth, while doing our make n' take, I got up, went up to this woman, her name is Esther and asked if I could take her picture. The next thing I know she started dancing around with me telling them to get the "butt" in the photo. Her butt was so padded, I don't know how she kept all that stuff in her leggings. Her hair was as high as the eiffel tower!

Ester was halarious. Everyone stopped and was watching us as we danced around, yeah...I made a fool outta of myself~ but I was laughing so hard and having fun.

Esther works for a company that does scrapbooking getaways in Napa, CA and, well....I forgot the other place. Can you imagine being away with Esther? Omgosh, I would laugh so much I wouldn't be able to scrapbook, etc.

Angelica works for Heartfelt Creations. Here she is doing the make n' takes for everyone. Reiko and I are busy doing our little project. 

I have to say the 3 of us (it would be 4 but Rosie wasn't with us this day) are such a crazy team when we are at home, shopping, out eating or just messing around.  Believe me when I say~ craziness always happens when we are together. My friend's here have been with me through the good and the hardest times. They keep me going, which is a good thing. I love you guys!

Here's Esther again!

Our Heartfelt Creations make n' take. So cute.

Can you believe this is the Velma that hosts your tag swaps every month? Look at this hair! I even brought my blanket from bed to keep cozy in for the drive to Expo, it sure came in handy when it was pouring rain. I snuggled in it all the way home.

Am I beautiful or what? It was pouring and windy when we left the Expo walking through the parking lot to get to the car, we were a mess, freezing and laughing.
my photos of my anniversary weekend

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Just wanted to let everyone know~ March 2012 Tags have been shipped! Watch for your packages, we don't want them wet~ it's raining it's pouring~ you know the rest.

Sorting process
Playing with the tags

Thank you to everyone for your awesome beautiful tags, I love them all! I know they will bring you smiles too.
Hugs, Velma

Friday, March 2, 2012

(already taking sign ups for May 2012)