Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thank You.....

For all the calls, text messages, comments and emails I received from all you. Your heartfelt words, so much support through the process of my Mother's illness even up to the end. Your prayers, cards, flowers, all the food and an awesome beautiful handmade "dream catcher". I can never thank you enough. Thank you for caring and just being here for me~ words cannot describe. To my special friends ~ I'm thanking you a million times.

I somehow don't feel like myself but I do know what's missing, as when my Beautiful Mother died, a piece of me died with her. If she were here she wouldn't like that very much. And I could hear her words......."You have a family to take care of, they need you, take care of yourself, do some things that make you happy, travel with Steven, go sit down and scrapbook, and clean out that garage and don't forget to turn off the garage light". If she knew how many times I go to my room and laydown crying, she would tell me "get out of that bed and wipe those tears"!

So, slowly I have been walking into my scraproom (which was once my Mother's Room) pick something up and put it right down. Can you tell I can't concentrate? Ok, maybe I can do one unfinished project. Everything I do is for about 5 minutes ~then I have tears and walk out of the room. This is a project that I started before everything happened. So this is the mini I would like to finish or should I say "try" to finish. Just trying to keep busy. Wish me luck. Oh, one more thing.............to all of you...........YOUR THE GREATEST! Warm Hugs, Velma