Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

U-Tube Video ~ Flowers

Happy Sunday everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know, I don't do the "video" thingy. So many of you have wanted me to do the "flower technique" and are asking for a video.

All of you have been so sweet in sharing all of your videos ~ techniques, and giving me so much inspiration!

So, I finally completed Part 1 ~ 2 and 3 of my video. Yeah, I did 6 videos to find out that this uploading process is slow and frustrating. With the help of my husband and my close friend, Parts 1 and 3 went up on u-tube. As many of you know, I am having so many problems with all of this. Part 3 is there (that one took the longest to upload) but we can't find it on U-Tube. Stephi suggested to upload it again. So that's what we'll do. Please be patient with me.

I am so disappointed but I won't stop until it's there for all of you to see! I've learned alot from this video thingy (so many mistakes I made) and the U-Tube stuff..............I'M NOT LIKING IT!!!!!!

For the sweet comments I have received which are filtering through my emails, I thank you! Please be patient with me.

If it doesn't work out, my next "post" on my blog will be: Sorry guys, but I threw my digital camera and tri-pod, flowers, embossing powder and heatgun into the pool! JUST KIDDING.

So I leave you now to get to work on Part 3.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Rosemary and I set out around 9:30 and headed to Santa Clara. It was that time of year again, EXPO! We missed you Gelica! So strange that you weren't with us! We also bumped into Arlene and Bona ~ GGS girls, I know them from the club and their blogs, meeting them was great!

This year, there didn't seem to be alot of vendors, some regulars were there and some were not! The booths were smaller. But the amount of ladies cropping, they had a house full!(one whole side are where the vendors are set up ~ other side is the "cropping area") I have yet to attend this "crop", they go for two days, early in the morning, to midnight. This would so get me into trouble, you're scrapbooking, you need something, and "wham"! You go a few feet and everything and anything is at your finger tips! I did pretty good with my spending ~ what helped me? I STAYED AWAY FROM THE TATTERED ANGELS booth! Last year, I spend about $350-$400! That's pretty bad! Even with the new products and colors they had at CHA, I still stayed away. Two times, I looked up and there they were. Rosemary said, "come on, let's go in" ~ "not me, I'm not going in"! And I didn't! I almost bought the new Sizzix Epic, handed it to the guy with some "dies" to hold for me. As I walked around, I thought about it, I decided not to buy it as I have had my "BIG SHOT" for along time now and it's works great! So I told him I'd pass, bought the "dies" and left. I wanted more dies, but they are not cheap! It's pretty bad when 5:00 hits and the guy on the loud speaker is telling you to "clear the floor". So there I am, still shopping. They literally mean it! They need to bring in pallets for the vendors and won't do this until the floors are cleared of shoppers. So I'm doing my thing and decide I really need to leave. Once we got into the lobby, there they were again...Arlene and Bona. And so, that's my Expo story. Until next time...............

And the "driver"~ to my day at the Expo! Guess what's coming? The next Expo will be at the Sacramento Convention Center! I go to all of them every year. The one in Sac is really nice. Last year, my husband dropped me off. I had two hours to look around and shop....I kept bumping into friends, but I didn't tell them I only had a short amount of time, so I kept trying to get away, that's pretty bad, huh? All I can say is you don't buy big things or alot when your hubby is gonna pick you up! If I saw someone, I would go the other way. So so bad of me. But that's what "EXPO" does to a person!

Met up with some friends! And met a "Carol Brady" who would not leave me alone! The story is wonderful........her hubby is Mike, so get it? The "Brady Brunch"! She was fun and kept me laughing!
Bona, Me, Arlene and Marie! Marie, I found your blog lastnight! You are so talented in all that you create!

And look who I bumped into! Can you Guess? Check out these "smiles"!


Dan ~ The Cricut Man!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Santa Clara Convention ~ Expo

It's that time again, one of my favorite times of the year, actually, twice a year! The Scrapbooking Expo! If you've never gone, you have to go experience it at least just once! I usually get into trouble, and I mean trouble with all the money I spend on my scrappy goodies. I can go crazy and usually do. This time, I am on a hunt. I recently pulled out my "Big Shot" and dies. The have a big booth filled with all the cutting systems and dies to go with much fun looking at all they carry!

I think the most fun I have is bumping into friends that I haven't seen in a while, we stop, hug, start talking, hug again, and off we go. I usually loose my friends and go looking around on my own. (they're use to me) Then through the day, I'll meet back up with them, we'll go eat, and go back to looking around and loosing each other again. I find that alot of it is the same, but every once in a while, one booth will have some really cool "findings". Ah ~ wouldn't it be nice to see some of the new releases from CHA. And sometimes they do get things in time for these shows.

HAPPY WEEKEND TO YOU LADIES AND GENTS OUT THERE! I never really show what I buy, but if I come back with something cool, I will share it with you!

My next big event/outting, "ROAD TRIP" ~ is CAMP CROP, Sonora, CA. We go every year, twice a year. Go back to some of my older posts and you'll see the big yellow country house where I stay in my P.J.'s for 4 days, to scrap, eat, nap, go into town, scrap, eat somemore and take another nap. I must gain 10 lbs. on every trip to Sonora! After all, who eats three full meals a day~ NOT ME. These 4 days are so relaxing!

Gotta go and get in bed or I won't be able to get up early. Arlene,Marie and Bona, if you're reading this, I'll look for you to say hello and give hugs! Be safe driving To Expo!

My Altered Book

I love this original handwriting here. It's kinda unbelievable after all those years, look who's hands it ends up in. Back in the day, who in the world would ever think to "alter" a book. I started reading alot of the poems in my book ~ truthfully, nothing made sense to me. But I'm sure someone enjoyed this Poem book very much and treasured it! If they knew what we were doing to their personal things, I don't think they would take a liking to that at all. They would call me "nuts"! And look, it must have been a Christmas gift too!

Here I added some tags and a flower, still need to "spice" up this page a bit more.

On this page, I did a "niche". I took a lot of pages and glued them together, it needed to be nice and thick. Using a very sharp box cutter, I started slowly cutting to create the square window. I painted the inside, then added the owl, mushrooms and the moss along with little Prima flowers. We couldn't use a regular craft knife, as it wasn't doing it's job. I love this page.

My book is so old, it was almost just shredding/tearing while i worked on it, well, maybe not that old, but maybe this book was handled alot, as it is a Poem Book.

This is my altered book i did at my girlfriend's class, TheArtLife. I had to finish it at home, still alway adding goodies to it.