Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I have been trying to go into my "scrappy room", to try and put things away. Ugh....My problem? Things just seem to stack up on my project desk, and then I come along and add more. I did, however, get a box and managed to put some goodies in it for my girlfriend's daughter.....yeah! That's you "Let"! Maybe it's stuff I just didn't want to put away? No, I want to share! I was able to clean out two baskets, putting things in their "little home" in my scrap room. OK, my desk is nice and clean and all is well. When I want to be downstairs with the rest of the world, I get a basket, gather some supplies ~ papers, ribbons, rub-ons, the trimmer, the ATG gun dispenser (that I carry here and there and end up misplacing it! I'm waiting to leave it at the nursing home where my "mommy" resides) So, I get my stuff out, work on it, go upstairs and get more goodies! Then I end up with this huge mess downstairs, I pack it up, the table in the diningroom or kitchen is nice and clean, then "wham", it sits downstairs until I am ready to lug it back up!

Got out my June Kit from "Cocoa Daisy", (I love my Cocoa Daisy goodies, my kit comes every month with the latest and greatest stuff!) spread it all out and lost all my imagination! Stared at it a little longer, shut down the lights and came down stairs!I think it's because I haven't been feeling good all week. Just plain "icky".

Everyone is asleep, Boston already ate his breakfast. Waiting for my hubby to walk through the door. I'm headed upstairs to see if my "creativelyouttacontrol" mind is back to being creative! Let's see if I can do this, I do know what the problem is, I want to create a mini album, but I can't! I have to create layouts, layouts and more layouts! Will let my wonderful friends (who read my blog) know what I've come up with later on. Happy Saturday to all of you!

Sunday, June 22, 2008





Ok, everyone that knows me...knows how much I love my doggie. His name is "Boston Rey". I bought him from my husband's home town in Marlboro, MA. Yep, bought my little guy a ticket and I carried him with me the entire plane ride, he never made a whimper, didn't pee nor poop, he was such a little traveller! He's now 7 yrs. old. Last week, something bit him, was very infected. The vet drained what they could, inserted a long drain, was put on antibiotics. I'm also putting warm compresses on the one side of his butt, where he got bit. The swollen area isn't really going down. I keep praying it'll get better. He slept with me through this entire ordeal. He usually sleeps with me at the foot of my bed, or right below me on the carpet. He's my "little guy", so I have to baby him! He's very spoiled. He's so loveable and protects our family and anyone who is in our home!

Paper is the new line from "Chatterbox", most of the line is embossed in velvet, colors I bought were in the Reds, Browns, Ivory and Turquoise. I love this new paper!

Paper: 7 Gypsies, felt flowers: Prima, tickets: Jenni Bowlin, ribbon: Making Memories, rub-ons: KI

Paper: 7 gypsies, flowers: Prima, Rub-On: K & Company

Paper, ribbon and felt (Viola!) Prima Marketing (my favorite!)

Paper, Basic Grey: Boxer

I love this paper~~~Autumn Leaves, brads: making memories, felt flowers: Prima

Me and my Hubby. Paper is Basic Grey:Perphery, Rub-ons: Daisy D, flowers: Prima

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday June 21, 2008

Wow........haven't posted in a while. I did meet my "layout challenge" from last week. Instead of the five I was suppose to create, I created 7! Yes, I went on a 12X12 layout marathon! Remember, i love my "mini albums". Put all of those away, pulled out some pics and went through some 12X12 paper. I had fun doing them! On one of the layouts, it was really late, but I wanted to keep going, the next time I looked at the time, it was 3:30 a.m.! Wow, I ended up not going to bed at all. I caught that
"2nd wind" and couldn't sleep. So, anyway, I will posted all those layouts soon! Going to bed now~~~Good Night.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Here is the picture of me and D.J. when he picked flowers for me when we went to San Ramon a couple of weeks ago. He picked the flowers right outta the ground, roots and all. I loved those flowers, but we had to quickly plant them back into the beautiful landscaping area where he pulled them from. Even though I couldn't keep them... Thank you for my flowers D.J. ~ I love you!

Completed Journaling Notebook

It's done! It took me long enough! Day Two: still sitting on the fireplace hearth! I will walk it to my friend this evening! This was a plain notebook that I bought from Barnes & Noble. On the cover: Paper used is Stella Ruby by Basic Grey, letters are from my Revolution Die Cutting System. On top of the paper and letters, I placed an overlay~ the red graph design, by Hambly Studios. I not only used it for it's "cool" look, but to protect the paper and the letters. Inside the notebook, I added some pockets, tags, stamped images, rub-ons and journaling spots.

SUNDAY, June 8, 2008

Happy Sunday to Everyone out there! I hope you had a nice weekend. I went to my usual " Friday Night crop" at Charleen's, but just messed around and ate homemade peach cobbler! That "good cooker" Charleen baked it.

Went home around 1:15 a.m. and bingo! Stayed up all night! No sleep, no nothing. I wasn't able to fall asleep until almost 5:00 pm on Saturday evening, got up at 9:45 pm, created a layout and went back to bed at 11:00 pm and slept all night!

Yes, I created a layout late Saturday night. Charleen and Gelica gave me a challenge for this upcoming week. I have to create 5 layouts by Friday night. This is happening because I keep creating mini albums. I love those! But then it takes away from my 12X12 layouts. So, no more mini's, until I complete this challenge! My "Journal Notebook" is completed, wrapped nicely and put in a pretty bag, sitting on the fireplace hearth, waiting for me to walk it across the street to Virginia's house. Mmm, I wonder how long it's going to sit there?

Remember my "flower adventure" with D.J.? Picking the entire Lobila flower plant for me when we were in San Ramon last Saturday? Someone did take a picture in my I need to post that on my Blog because it's adorable! I will do that later with the "Journal Notebook". I hope Virginia loves it. It is a "Limited Edition", one of a kind. You know why? BECAUSE I AM NEVER CREATING ONE AGAIN ! Ugh. Four notebooks later! Have a nice day!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Went to San Ramon at "Stamper's Warehouse". The air was crisp and as usual, the trees and flowers were beautiful, everything was so full of color. Landscaping was done so nicely. We also had little people with us, Abi, Beka and D.J. ~ I have to share this touching story: Charleen's little guy, D.J. (he's 4) loves to pick flowers for me. Well this time, he picked flowers alright! He ran up to me with flowers, as I was bending down to take the flowers from him, I notice that he had literally pulled out the entire plant.........just for me! "here Auntie Velma, these flowers are for you"! It was so cute, I kissed him, and we all started laughing. I had to explain to D.J. that we had to re-plant the flowers. So there he went, smashing the flowers into the dirt as fast as he could. (I forgot to take a picture of my flower!)It was the cutest thing. From there, we went and had Mexican food for lunch. We headed up to Pleasant Hill to "My Daughter's Wish". Oh my gosh, they had the latest and greatest scrappy goodies. It felt good to be there, looking and being able to touch everything. I haven't been to a scrap store in a long time. I didn't know where to look first. I think I will call them the home of "7 Gpysies" because their selection is awesome. Everywhere I turned, all my favorite goodies were looking at me and saying, "buy me". Mmm, trying to think of my favorite goody I purchased. I can't name just one, so I'll name a few. The transparencies by 7-Gpysies for my 4X6 ATC Holder are awesome. Oh, and I love the company "Tatterd Angels". I purchased a couple bottles of the glimmer mist, some beautiful stencils and some glimmer chips. I really like the sheer, wide ribbon with the butterflies too. Ok, I bought alot so I will stop here because I can't name everything, and if my hubby sees this post, he'll chase me around the house with questions! Well that's not gonna happen! We had a good time, good friends, and good scrappy stuff. Now I have to put my mind in gear and use my new stuff but not until I finish the Journal Notebook ~ I'm almost there! Opps, almost forgot. Picked up some adorable goodies from "The Art Life", by Daniele Costa, her new company is really cute (you did a great job Daniele) so many cool "findings" for my books and layouts. My kit that she designed will be used for my Mother's pics of her when she was a young girl. Can't wait to get my hands in it. Rosemary, Charleen and Gelica....I had so much fun! Two scrap stores in one day ~~~~~~~ makes for a fun ROAD TRIP.