Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So.........I thought I would do what I love most~ making "Velma Flowers", also to distract myself from a lot that is going on. I usually make a lot at one time, so when I need some, I have them ready on-hand.......well I got it on my hand all right !!!!!!!!! I don't really remember what happened except that I felt burning all over my hand and fingers. I had to literally peel layers of HOT MELTED UTEE OFF MY HANDS and my skin was coming with it. The worst part was my wedding ring finger. I have gotten little burns here and there, no big deal...but this was and is awful..............I'm talking PAIN for hours. I never go the doctor, but this night, my daughter insisted we go to the E.R...........OUCH!!! A chemical burn is not good. I took photos of my finger, but decided I'd better not show you. If you saw my finger, you would probably go and V.........., you guys know the word, add the letters omitt in it. I'll give you a hint, do you know what a "blow fish" looks like, with a lot of colors in it? My main concern is infection........(now I can't go have my nails done...HA HA!)

So~ please please be careful, not just when making the flowers, but any techniques we add to our projects. A good recommendation from the E.R. doctor, they told me to wear "safety glasses". I've never thought to do that. UTEE in the eyes? I DON'T THINK SO. I can't even imagine the pain and damage it would do.

So I was going to do some posting since I have neglected my blog, and I end up with this. Again (I keep saying this) I will come back with happier goodies to share. Just a warning to my beautiful friends out there~ to be careful. Hugs, Velma