Monday, November 16, 2009


Our beautiful, ever so loving, Stephi is doing a BLACK FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!!!! yEah, and it's going to be a kit! I cannot wait to see who wins! Ok ladies and gents, go over to:

Good luck Everyone!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Just want everyone to know, or maybe you already know..............PLEASE DO NOT PUT ALCOHOL INKS INTO SPRAY BOTTLES. It must become "toxic" when it hits the air. The spores get into your lungs and can cause you to become very ill. I heard about it, or read it, possibly on Tim Holtz' blog a while back (I read it somewhere~can't remember) This gal was mixing and making homemade ~ this and that, used her alcohol inks in a spray bottle and started misting. She became very very ill. PLEASE PASS THIS I don't want to see anyone become sick because of this. Alot of these products are NOT MEANT TO BE MIXED TOGETHER....................please, just be careful when making your homemade things to add to your scrapbooking minis/layouts, cards~ and whatever else you create. Thanks for listening!