Sunday, June 28, 2009

4 Attempts!!!

Ok, my beautiful friends..............I did "Video #4" today. Yes it was hilarious!
1. You couldn't see my book that well.
2. My book fell apart!
3. I covered up my face
4. When starting to show the pages, I heard the "snap", the minibook binder mechanism opened and the whole mini fell apart!

Do I dare try a video #5? One of them, I couldn't stop laughing, my head was laying on my scrap table when the camera was going!

I CAN'T SEEM TO DO THESE HIGH TECH THINGYS....I KEEP TRYING TO LEARN. BUT I'M FAILING. I'M TRULY BLESSED TO KNOW HOW TO DO MY BLOG..............I'm serious! Oh yeah, and to also put my pics on my computer too!

I DON'T KNOW WHEN, BUT LOOK FOR A VELMA VIDEO, it could be today or tomorrow or never. And remember: the name of it: "velma video #5"

Also, this heat is killing me. I'm so uncomfortable, you're gonna laugh, but I swear, it's too hot to go swimming. Gotta wait for evening time. Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs to all of you.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Here's my ATG gun from a long time ago. I took the "guts" out and masked the areas with tape, spray painted it then added a sealer. I let it dry overnight, then added my rub-ons, bling, etc. If you look closely, you can see the original red color that it was. It has really been used! I use this dispenser for everything ~ it's great on ribbon! I had dropped it, cracked a piece off and thought it wouldn't stay closed anymore. It still works great. (oh ~ and to "spruce" it up a bit, to make it look good for this post, I went over it with the same rub-ons) Poor thingy, it needs an over-haul! (it goes everywhere with me)

The very first time I saw one, I told my girlfriends "there is no way I am scrapping with one of those red, ugly, big, bulky thingys"! Well, now I'm hooked. I bought this one because of the 1/4 inch tape. I love my ATG!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Inside of Graduation Mini Book

Ok, so maybe this should be called "Graduation Thick Book". I had so many baby pictures of both my children, my work space became overwhelming with all the scrappy goodies staring me in the face. I kept pulling out product... and more product. I had the biggest mess going on. I didn't use half the of the stuff I had pulled out.

Clean up ~ that's a whole other story.(if you go into my blog to some older posts of the holidays, you'll see the mess we made with the Tim Holtz stamps, ink, etc.) But it was worth it because my daughter loved her album.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Ok, so I taught myself how to do a slide show, wasn't quite sure what I was doing, got pissed off, but kept going at it, as I was determined! Not quite sure if I'll be able to it again, but I'll keep trying. That was my accomplishment for the day.

So excited, I got my invitation to join a mini book club ~ GIRLS GONE SCRAPPY ~ And anyone that knows me knows how much I love to create "mini books". I can actually do a mini album faster than I can a layout. I love doing both.

Graduation Mini Book Cover

Monday, June 8, 2009