Sunday, June 28, 2009

4 Attempts!!!

Ok, my beautiful friends..............I did "Video #4" today. Yes it was hilarious!
1. You couldn't see my book that well.
2. My book fell apart!
3. I covered up my face
4. When starting to show the pages, I heard the "snap", the minibook binder mechanism opened and the whole mini fell apart!

Do I dare try a video #5? One of them, I couldn't stop laughing, my head was laying on my scrap table when the camera was going!

I CAN'T SEEM TO DO THESE HIGH TECH THINGYS....I KEEP TRYING TO LEARN. BUT I'M FAILING. I'M TRULY BLESSED TO KNOW HOW TO DO MY BLOG..............I'm serious! Oh yeah, and to also put my pics on my computer too!

I DON'T KNOW WHEN, BUT LOOK FOR A VELMA VIDEO, it could be today or tomorrow or never. And remember: the name of it: "velma video #5"

Also, this heat is killing me. I'm so uncomfortable, you're gonna laugh, but I swear, it's too hot to go swimming. Gotta wait for evening time. Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs to all of you.


Stephanie said...

HI Velma :) Don't give up!! :) yep.. that sounds JUST LIKE my first tries too!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for Video #5! and I would LOVE TO see your mini album! excited for you! super fun blog post.. thanks Velma!
with a grin,

mickchick831 said...

Poor girl, I have the same issue. I will let you post your vidio first and hope it gives me courage.

Stephanie said...

Hey !! I saw your slide on the GGS members GALLERY page!! SO pretty!! Great talent you have :)