Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hi everyone, I know I said I would start posting, but Mom has been in the hospital for 6 days now. As soon as everything is better~ I will share random goodies and a few projects with you. Didn't I already say this...HA! But for now, I leave you with this (sorry~ trying to do this fast)

MARIE from Alohanmabuhay has changed her U-tube channel name and also her blog. Here is her new information~ (new blog)
artofmarie (new u-tube channel)

I hope this helps for those of you who have been looking for her. As always, she will have alot of awesome creations/techniques coming up............. iSN'T SHE AMAZING. What an AWESOME ARTIST she is! Marie, if you're reading this..........I love you a million times!

Big hugs to my family and friend's, Velma