Tag Swap

To all my awesome scrappy/crafting friends out there~ I'm hosting a Creatively Outta Control Tag/Page Swap  EVERY OTHER MONTH, unless noted otherwise. Swaps will be posted on my blog the 1st  or 2nd every other month.  If at any time you don't see a Swap Posted~ it could mean: something unexpected came up or I need to nap (ha- ha) for that month.

TO JOIN: email me at creativelyouttacontrol@yahoo.com~ Please do not email me to join until you see that the tag swap is OPEN on my blog and always refer to the swap details (as there could be something new for the month) before signing up. Swaps are posted on the 1st or 2nd of that particular month I am hosting. This swap is on a first come first serve basis.   I will email you back with shipping details.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS SWAP IS NO LONGER A "STAMPED IMAGE SWAP".  Read below under "what you will put on your tags"


1. For your "main tag"~ please do not use anything smaller than the standard #8 shipping tags
    (6-1/4 x 3-1/8 approx.) You can also go larger, up to 8-1/2 x 4-1/2. You can
    create any shape you'd like as long as you stay in these approximate measurements.

2. The back of your tag must be covered with paper, etc. for a stronger tag. If your tag is already made
    from chipboard, the tag doesn't need to be covered on the back.

3.  Each tag must be placed in it's own individual plastic for protection. With loose tags being sent,
     embellishments have fallen off or lost during shipping.

4. Create 22 tags. 11 of the same and 11 of another.
    You can also create all 22 tags the same.


5. Please send me all 22 tags.  I will send 1 of your own back for a total of 22 tags you will be


Your tags must include at least 4 of the following: Laces, trims, ribbon (must be on the tag not just through the hole at the top of the tag), charms/metal findings, beads, something grungy, any type of technique, flowers/leaves, punch outs, die cuts, sentiments, bling, paint, fussy cut outs from pattered papers or such, decorated tape, buttons, die cuts from any die cutting system, computer images, stickpins, collage, etc.
If you use a stamp, your tags must still be decorated with at least 4 embellishments, or,
3 embellishment and 1 technique as noted above.

for shipping tags back to you

 Because of problems with getting all the tags and goodies into the Flat Rate Envelopes, I will now be using the "LEGAL SIZE FLAT RATE ENVELOPES. This envelope gives a little bit more room for the tags. The cost is only 15 cents more, for a total of $5.30.  Also, with some envelopes arriving to you damaged, I will be purchasing and wrapping the tags/projects in bubble wrap for a little bit more protection. When mailing your tags to me: please remember to include your payment of  $5.30 (please put this money in an envelope).  This money pays for the envelope (which I will provide) and postage, weight does not matter, anything and everything can go in this envelope as long as I can close the flap properly (as the post office tells me). No extra postage is required. I will handle all of this for you, as long as I have your payment.

If you forget to include your payment~  contact me immediately then mail it in a regular envelope as soon as possible.
If  I do not receive your payment, I will contact you. If I do not hear back from you within a reasonable amount of time, or not at all,  I will send your tags back to you........ "return to sender".

PLEASE NOTE:  I strongly recommend that you include an additional 70 cents for a tracking number. This way, if your tags do not arrive in a timely manner, are lost, you can track your package. I will email you your tracking info.  If I do not receive the 70 cents, I will assume you do not want a tracking number on your package.
Envelope: $5.30
Tracking #: 70 cents
Or a combined total of: $6.00


Please add your name, blog and/or You-Tube if you have one. Please add the State in which you live. This info can be put on a piece of paper or in a little pocket on the back of your tag.

I know it's sometimes hard to create/decorate 22 tags. After September's swap, please check my blog for a little something new...or the same, we'll see. We have to keep this fun and a bit challenging!

If you are interested in seeing our awesome beautiful tags/projects~  go over to You-Tube and search: Velma's Tag Swaps...or look up the info that your swappers have provided.  From there you will see the tags in the making from different months or a whole video of the tags received. The video's that my swappers have put out are just AWESOME!!!
A big "thank you" to all that do the videos of your tags!