Friday, August 22, 2008

Almost Done!

All week I have been working on my scrappy area in the computer room. About four hours in the morning and then a few at night. It's coming along. I can't believe the paper though, and all those layouts, projects that I was going to do.....with all that paper! It feels good though, knowing I will share it with friends, that it will be used. That they are so happy when I give them my scrappy goodies! That's you Lette! It's all piled up in the upstairs hallway. I keep telling myself to call your Mommy, but I still haven't! We might need a truck to get this stuff outta here (just kidding)! Opps, sorry, I haven't even asked you if you want it?

Went over to Charleeny's lastnight and helped her out while the kids were at sports. I held that "little princess" for well over an hour straight! Yep, didn't put her down, didn't even give her to her mommy until it was time for her feeding! She's beautiful and makes me happy that I am her Auntie Velma!

Suppose to go into the City tomorrow to have dinner with our close friends that are here from Boston. I keep worrying about my back, but isn't that my worry all the time? Haven't decided what to do yet. I was thinking of taking Bart, but, I think they might close down by the time we are done visiting and dining with our friends. Mmm, does Bart close down? Anyway, "happy weekend" to all of you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My First Acyrlic Card

I was stumped and had "Brain Freeze" when I was trying to make a baby card. So this is what I came up with. I used an acyrlic card from Page Frame Designs. It's different, but I liked how it turned out. Use some overlays and did some inking on the edges, and of course, my favorite... flowers!

A "Little Shower"

During our "Friday Night Scrappiness", we had a little baby shower for Charleeny. A yummy cake filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream! Ahh, who could ask for anything more yummier than that? Lots of beautiful gifts for the "little one". (Buy the way, she is here!) All the little clothes were so cute and of course....the brown diaper bag (from the "old lady" who wore yellow in the layout!) I still had it in my mind that this "little life" was going to be a boy! Well, "WRONG"!
I saw the baby lastnight, she's beautiful. She's so tiny, she's so little and so so soft! She's also perfect! But of course she is ~ she's from Heaven! She looks like her Daddy and Big Brother! At the hospital lastnight and I had tears, lots of tears, tears of joy! Charleeny is happy, healthy and doing fine. Everyone is doing fine and so so happy!

Cleaning Again!

Have been cleaning out my "scrappy stuff" ~ again! I'm trying hard to re-arrange my shelving area in the closet. I have paper coming out of my ears! I'm taking the millions of pieces of paper that I haven't used in soo long and giving it away! I know it'll be used, but for my own use, it's been sitting on the shelves forever. I feel bad that it just "sits". But then I'm mad because I have allowed myself to buy so much. But (another "but") , I had good intentions for every piece of paper that I own. I love paper, what can I say? I am guilty of buying and going crazy over paper. I always thought I had to have the "latest and the greatest", but that's not going to be the case anymore! I know I need to use what I have. I have told myself that if I am going to buy paper, only buy and few pieces (yeah right!). Here is a layout I was working on before I tore into the closet that houses the million and trillion pieces of paper. I keep telling myself not to scrap anything until I am happy with the cleaning out and re-arranging of the closet! Lette...get ready for some scrappy stuff.........cause it's about to come your way! I just love looking at this (un-finished) layout because of the colors. I love all the blue, and I don't really create layouts using the color blue. Maybe because it's summer, I dont' know. Maybe it's the "beautiful" pics of my Gelica and Rosie. Yeah, I think it is, because the "old lady" in this pic has yellow on.

New Pool Toys!

This weekend was so hot, my hubby and I spent time in the pool just kicking back. He went and bought us new chairs for the pool. I had to put a pillow behind my back to keep it in an "ok" position. Didn't stay in the chair for too long, as that would've killed my back. For a while there we were playing "bumper boats"! Remember those rides at theme parks, you get in your "bumper boat" or "car" and go crazy bumping the other person. Didn't do that for too long either, my "back" is wacked!

1 School Year Left

I can't believe my daughter is a "Senior" in High School! Yes, one year left and I can't believe how the time has flown! So much to look forward too! I can't wait for her "Winter Ball" and "Prom"! I know she's looking forward to that! I have promised myself that I will scrap her photos and not get behind.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Don't kill me Rosie for posting this picture, I love it! I love candid shots! And I love the look on your face! Love you!

Another favorite place of mine... The Scrapbook Expo! We drove to Santa Clara on Saturday and browsed through all the scrappy goodies! It's always fun running into friends that I haven't seen in a while...I know I can usually find them there. It was pretty dark in the building but you can still get a good idea of what we were doing! Yes, shopping, shopping, shopping! My favorite find for the day were my die cuts for my "Revolution". I already have a million flowers, but I especially love the ones I bought from "Prima". Sizzix had a good sale, 50% off their dies, so I bought a large butterfly and a Nor-cal star, or better known as a 5 point star? I don't know what the right name is, but I bought one.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Haute Artist Project

And little 2x4 mini album! I love making these!

Haute Artist Layouts

On this layout of me and my husband, I used the lyrics from a song by Lenny Kravitz dedicating it to my husband. Every day that passes, I realize just how blessed I am to have this man in my life. Yes, you guessed it! He is my "Butterfly"!

My beautiful daughter, she's on the left, and her best friend!

I loved creating these layouts for "Haute Artist". I really enjoyed working with all these fun butterflies, especially using the technique with the embossing powder on the material! And butterflies really do "fly", because one flew away when I was working and I couldn't find it for about 10 minutes. I went looking for it, and there it was! On the floor!

Monday, August 4, 2008