Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 2012 Tags

Velma's Butterfly Tag~ the Butterfly is covered with Utee clear embossing powder and then heat set.

And the sorting process begins

It's almost Halloween! All the tags are just beautiful~awesome in person

The tag on the left is from Australia..gorgeous tags!

Again, more gorgeous tags. Can't see them to well because they are in plastic...but makes good for a "sneaky peek" of the tags.

Finished packaging my tags. Had to come outside, the lighting in my home isn't the best. Everyone's tags came out so beautiful. I love my Swapping Family!  And a huge "Thank You" for my tags. I love them all.

Hugs, Velma xoxo

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012



 New envelopes and cost... New swap details (click under my main header under "tag swap") 

Sign-ups will begin on August 1st or 2nd. 
Always refer to the "details" of the swap before signing up.....there could be something new for that given month.
Any questions or concerns: please email me

~Hugs to my Crafting Family~

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hi Everyone! Just wanted to show you a small sneaky peek of what's coming your way. California~ you should get your package in 1-2 days, Out of State Swappers~ 3 days. Everyone's tags are beautiful, I hope you enjoy all of the tags our awesome swapping family created!
Remember, most of you got 2 of your own tags back. Refer to the email I had sent out.

Be on the look out for new "swap details", under "tag swap". The new details will be posted there by August 1st. which is also the date I will start taking sign-ups for the September 2012 swap.



A wonderful gift from Jenny...and all my swappy friends. This is beautiful tote bag/purse that Jenny sewed together with handmade flowers. The front of this mini is the one Jenny created. It has this awesome clay heart on the front. She shows it in one of her videos. If you love Steam Punk like I do, your mouth will drop open when you watch her video on'll be able to see all the detail. I left a comment, but little did I know this clay heart was for me. You can't see the details, but on he bottom right corner is a real clock face. I told her it was kinda cool because the person who owned it had dropped it and the face was cracked. That's when Jenny told me she used crackle accents. You would have never known she added the crackle to it. 
My family of swappers created a 6x6 page which turned into 3 minis that I will treasure forever. They named this awesome project "STEAM PUNK FAMILY". To view each and every page, you can go on to Jenny's You-Tube and search: JennyAshley1971.

 A big thank you to all of you that participated in this surprise for me. It touched my heart, put smiles on my face with a lot of tears. When I opened one of the minis, I saw photos of my beautiful Mama and my children. Thank you Weezie!

I was on the carpet looking at my 3 mini books  (for the hundredth time) when my daughter took this photo of're seeing the back of them. I will post individual photos soon. 

 When the box arrived and I saw who it was from, I said to myself "wow what did she create for the tag swap and how am I ever going to get these into the envelopes to send the tags out". I wish you all could have been here when I opened each and every wrapped package. For the minis~ Jenny literally wrapped each page so carefully. Besides the minis, there were goodies from my swappers. They also did awesome creations on the front of roladex cards and added their info to the back. Now I will have their info at my finger tips. I'm telling you~ it was like Christmas in July! 

Sorry, the lighting is awful on this mini, but in person, the colors are so vibrant and awesome. 

Thank you Jenny for Hosting my surprise...all the hard work, your time and effort.  For being so kind, loving and caring to do this for me. And thank you to my Family of swappers/friends (you too Jenny)...for your time and effort as well. You've all made me very happy and so special. I feel very blessed....I am blessed to have you all in my life.  I love each and every page! And did I tell you I love you guys??? You're the best ever!

Hugs to you, Velma

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Please visit my blog for the next tag swap...remember~ every other month. 

Friday, June 1, 2012


Hi everyone! The July 2012 tag swap is NOW OPEN. Please click on "tag swap" on the left side of my blog header to read the updated details. Tags are due July 1, 2012. This gives you the month of June to create your awesome tags.

Remember.......we are trying something new by creating 22 tags. This will allow newbies to join in. 

Have fun creating!

Friday, May 11, 2012


Everyone's tags are just amazingly beautiful! Be on the look out for your packages! Thank you to our did an awesome job.

Yes... the sun is shining on the tags, remember, it's a sneaky peak!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your Tags are on their for your envelope. Happy Swapping, Velma

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Tags are shipping tomorrow. These tags are wonderful, gorgeous, just awesome. I know a lot of time and effort were put into these........thank you everyone...I really love mine. The hard part through this whole tag process is when there are 2 different images/creations, I take so so long to choose which one I want to keep for my self...I know it sounds crazy but it's true. It's as though I'm a little kid and just can't make up my mind.  I hope you all have smiles on your faces when your envelope arrives. Have fun with your tags!!!

All Sorted!!!

Sideways..blurry, good... cause you really can't see them to much!

Looks like a surprise in this brown bag with the beautiful lace doily (I can't spell this word)

I put a tag that has Easter shreds (one of our swapper's tag) so you can't really tell, well maybe you can. I should have put the Easter shreds smack in the middle.....


As the months go by, they are looking more and more like "tag kits". I love this.  Most come with wonderful goodies to add to the tags.  One of our swappers will sit, relax while watching T.V. She will take all her tags with her and decorate them with the goodies they came with.... sounds relaxing, huh? Hmm...maybe I should change the name of the swap? Until next time...........

A Beautiful Gift from Jenny

Thank you Jenny. I love this mini and will treasure it forever!
Hugs, Velma

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anniversary Cards to each other. Happy 27 years Steven!


It was our "27th" wedding anniversary last Friday. Steven was at work and Reiko and I took off for the scrap book Expo. Here's some photos of our day.

I went outside to get some air (and rain). I saw this guy in the distance, I didn't even have my glasses on. I kept staring at him...I would turn away. I looked at him again and again while he was walking my way. I told myself "that guy is handsome". Then I said to myself, what in the h... and I thinking! Omgosh, it was my husband. I couldn't believe it! He left work and came to Pleasanton, got thru the gate where you pay for parking. He came to kiss me and wish me "Happy Anniversary". I didn't see him that morning, I was surprised and so happy. I thank God every day for my loving, kind, sweet and generous husband and the father of our children. My husband spoils me rotten.  I knew him for 3 months..then eloped! And now it's been 27 years. I wouldn't change a thing, well maybe just a few things....just kidding. I love remembering our love story.  I love you Steven.

And now for some CRAZY FUN!!!

While we were at the Heartfelt Creations booth, while doing our make n' take, I got up, went up to this woman, her name is Esther and asked if I could take her picture. The next thing I know she started dancing around with me telling them to get the "butt" in the photo. Her butt was so padded, I don't know how she kept all that stuff in her leggings. Her hair was as high as the eiffel tower!

Ester was halarious. Everyone stopped and was watching us as we danced around, yeah...I made a fool outta of myself~ but I was laughing so hard and having fun.

Esther works for a company that does scrapbooking getaways in Napa, CA and, well....I forgot the other place. Can you imagine being away with Esther? Omgosh, I would laugh so much I wouldn't be able to scrapbook, etc.

Angelica works for Heartfelt Creations. Here she is doing the make n' takes for everyone. Reiko and I are busy doing our little project. 

I have to say the 3 of us (it would be 4 but Rosie wasn't with us this day) are such a crazy team when we are at home, shopping, out eating or just messing around.  Believe me when I say~ craziness always happens when we are together. My friend's here have been with me through the good and the hardest times. They keep me going, which is a good thing. I love you guys!

Here's Esther again!

Our Heartfelt Creations make n' take. So cute.

Can you believe this is the Velma that hosts your tag swaps every month? Look at this hair! I even brought my blanket from bed to keep cozy in for the drive to Expo, it sure came in handy when it was pouring rain. I snuggled in it all the way home.

Am I beautiful or what? It was pouring and windy when we left the Expo walking through the parking lot to get to the car, we were a mess, freezing and laughing.
my photos of my anniversary weekend