Tuesday, July 17, 2012


A wonderful gift from Jenny...and all my swappy friends. This is beautiful tote bag/purse that Jenny sewed together with handmade flowers. The front of this mini is the one Jenny created. It has this awesome clay heart on the front. She shows it in one of her videos. If you love Steam Punk like I do, your mouth will drop open when you watch her video on this...you'll be able to see all the detail. I left a comment, but little did I know this clay heart was for me. You can't see the details, but on he bottom right corner is a real clock face. I told her it was kinda cool because the person who owned it had dropped it and the face was cracked. That's when Jenny told me she used crackle accents. You would have never known she added the crackle to it. 
My family of swappers created a 6x6 page which turned into 3 minis that I will treasure forever. They named this awesome project "STEAM PUNK FAMILY". To view each and every page, you can go on to Jenny's You-Tube and search: JennyAshley1971.

 A big thank you to all of you that participated in this surprise for me. It touched my heart, put smiles on my face with a lot of tears. When I opened one of the minis, I saw photos of my beautiful Mama and my children. Thank you Weezie!

I was on the carpet looking at my 3 mini books  (for the hundredth time) when my daughter took this photo of me...you're seeing the back of them. I will post individual photos soon. 

 When the box arrived and I saw who it was from, I said to myself "wow what did she create for the tag swap and how am I ever going to get these into the envelopes to send the tags out". I wish you all could have been here when I opened each and every wrapped package. For the minis~ Jenny literally wrapped each page so carefully. Besides the minis, there were goodies from my swappers. They also did awesome creations on the front of roladex cards and added their info to the back. Now I will have their info at my finger tips. I'm telling you~ it was like Christmas in July! 

Sorry, the lighting is awful on this mini, but in person, the colors are so vibrant and awesome. 

Thank you Jenny for Hosting my surprise...all the hard work, your time and effort.  For being so kind, loving and caring to do this for me. And thank you to my Family of swappers/friends (you too Jenny)...for your time and effort as well. You've all made me very happy and so special. I feel very blessed....I am blessed to have you all in my life.  I love each and every page! And did I tell you I love you guys??? You're the best ever!

Hugs to you, Velma


Crafty Moni said...

What a sweet and awesome surprise! You deserve it Velma enjoy!

Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
Monica L.

Velma said...

Thanks Monica. It was like Christmas with tears. Hugs, Velma