Monday, April 13, 2009


This is my HOUSE OF 3 "House Warming Book" project that I have been working on. Everyone that knows me ~ knows how much I love working with overlays, transparencies,any thing I can see through. It brings so much to my projects. Well, this project was right up my alley. I had so many transparencies, I didn't know what to do with them. I them for other books!I loved this because I used so many different techniques.....I love new techniques! I even had to learn to use a "craft knife" which I was afraid of, but not anymore, I have it down to a science! Except for one night, finding it in my bed ~ yes, I was being comfortable one night, my husband beside me and me....cutting out transparencies, windows, this and that. Thank goodness we didn't sleep with that craft knife, how would I have explained that to someone in the E.R.?

My Housewarming Book is done ~ I just need to add some final touches. I tend to hurry it along when almost done so I can start the next one. I will admit, this book took me awhile, as I had alot of things going on at home and with my Beautiful Mother. But that's what's great about this passion of mine, I can put it aside for a long time...and it's still there when I want to get back to it.

My next project: "Fashionista" by TheArtLife. I love Daniela's projects. This will be good learning for me........HOW TO ALTER A BOOK. I already have my book picked out. It's called: The Greatest Love". I'm sure you have all heard or read this book. It used to be my Mother-in-laws favorite! I think that's why I picked this one. I will find pics of her to add to this Altered Book. Mmmm, maybe a tribute to her.

House of 3

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to all of my relatives and friends! I hope you have a wonderful day. Going to services, having a wonderful meal, just being together. And to the little ones ~ I hope the EASTER BUNNY was good to you, bringing you lots of eggs and goodies in your Easter Baskets!

My daughter and I were reminising yesterday, talking about the Easter Bunny ~ when she realized if he was "real" or not. We talked about Santa ~ even down to the Tooth Fairy! Mmmm ~ at 18 yrs. old, it's so heartwarming talking about those feeling/thoughts that were in her mind then and now being able to talk about them. My son went for ages not revealing his feelings on Santa...........he told me if he told me what he was thinking ~ he wouldn't get a ton of gifts anymore. He had me fooled! But that's a parent and who I am, I enjoyed every moment of my children "believing". As long as you "believe" ~ then you have everything! OMG, I still believe in SANTA!

I know my birthday was in January, but I wanted to post my beautiful gift from Angelica. She made this using chipboard, patterned paper, stamps and embossing powder, lace and embellishments. Inside~ she also made little stationery cards and envelopes. It's so special to me. I love it. Thanks for my beatiful gift, I will cherish it forever!

My Birthday Gift From Gelica


Do not attempt this technique on paper towels as shown ~ as it will catch on FIRE like mine has done in the past. Now ~ I do it on my Husband's work bench. Thanks Babe for always letting me make a mess on your work area!

Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist

Here is my technique I use to make my flowers come to "life".

1. White Prima Flowers (you can use any flowers)
2. Mist with Glimmer Mist (you can mix colors)
3. Heat with Heating Tool to dry
4. Versamark ~ turn flower over onto pad. Using your fingers, press firmly into the
5. Apply clear embossing powder (I usually use "deep empression" by Stamp n Stuff,
but I had UTEE on hand)and gently shake off excess powder.
6. Using heat tool ~ Heat
7. As the embossing powder melts, you can add more embossing powder if you'd like,
be careful, as this gets really hot and your little fingers will be burning!
8. If you want your flower to look "thicker", re-do the process. Just a little, not
to much.

Then add your favorite embellishment/brads to the center of the flower.

This is my "Collage". This project was so awesome to design. We layed everything down and then finished it with Beeswax. This was my first time using this medium, and I really liked it, except for the iron burning up and "sparking". So, I ended up using my heat tool to let the hot beeswax flow on my project and used a paint brush. I think my next one will be done with a heat tool and brush as it went on pretty smooth. Working fast with beeswax, for me, is a must, because it can give you different effects. Some areas really got thick and clumpy (is that a word?)

Thank you Daniela for always being so accomodating to me. She had me work at her workstation so I could do my project standing because of my back situation. It worked out perfect for me, as this is usually how I do my work at home. There were 13 of us! Everyone's projects were beautiful, all different and unique! The flowers I used on mine I made myself, well not the flower itself, but the technique I used, everyone loved, so for those of you I promised the technique too, here it is:


Well ~ some are finished too! I attened a Class/Social with TheArtLife in Walnut Creek at Daniela's house. What a wonderful Sunday it was, and a "much needed" afternoon away.........from everything! The weather was beautiful and the class was awesome. And this is what I created. Thank you Daniela for always showing me new techniques.