Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to all of my relatives and friends! I hope you have a wonderful day. Going to services, having a wonderful meal, just being together. And to the little ones ~ I hope the EASTER BUNNY was good to you, bringing you lots of eggs and goodies in your Easter Baskets!

My daughter and I were reminising yesterday, talking about the Easter Bunny ~ when she realized if he was "real" or not. We talked about Santa ~ even down to the Tooth Fairy! Mmmm ~ at 18 yrs. old, it's so heartwarming talking about those feeling/thoughts that were in her mind then and now being able to talk about them. My son went for ages not revealing his feelings on Santa...........he told me if he told me what he was thinking ~ he wouldn't get a ton of gifts anymore. He had me fooled! But that's a parent and who I am, I enjoyed every moment of my children "believing". As long as you "believe" ~ then you have everything! OMG, I still believe in SANTA!

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