Sunday, April 12, 2009

This is my "Collage". This project was so awesome to design. We layed everything down and then finished it with Beeswax. This was my first time using this medium, and I really liked it, except for the iron burning up and "sparking". So, I ended up using my heat tool to let the hot beeswax flow on my project and used a paint brush. I think my next one will be done with a heat tool and brush as it went on pretty smooth. Working fast with beeswax, for me, is a must, because it can give you different effects. Some areas really got thick and clumpy (is that a word?)

Thank you Daniela for always being so accomodating to me. She had me work at her workstation so I could do my project standing because of my back situation. It worked out perfect for me, as this is usually how I do my work at home. There were 13 of us! Everyone's projects were beautiful, all different and unique! The flowers I used on mine I made myself, well not the flower itself, but the technique I used, everyone loved, so for those of you I promised the technique too, here it is:


Angelica said...

Can't wait to try this out. :-)

Gingerbread Girl said...

I definitely gotta try this one out!

Stephanie said...

One day I will attempt this technique..:) but right now I think its a little outta my league :) heee
the flowers you made are gorgeous! love how you showed us your technique! thanks!!!

Stephanie said...

I HAVE to try this technique on these flowers - so super cute!
thanks for sharing how you made them ;)