Monday, April 13, 2009


This is my HOUSE OF 3 "House Warming Book" project that I have been working on. Everyone that knows me ~ knows how much I love working with overlays, transparencies,any thing I can see through. It brings so much to my projects. Well, this project was right up my alley. I had so many transparencies, I didn't know what to do with them. I them for other books!I loved this because I used so many different techniques.....I love new techniques! I even had to learn to use a "craft knife" which I was afraid of, but not anymore, I have it down to a science! Except for one night, finding it in my bed ~ yes, I was being comfortable one night, my husband beside me and me....cutting out transparencies, windows, this and that. Thank goodness we didn't sleep with that craft knife, how would I have explained that to someone in the E.R.?

My Housewarming Book is done ~ I just need to add some final touches. I tend to hurry it along when almost done so I can start the next one. I will admit, this book took me awhile, as I had alot of things going on at home and with my Beautiful Mother. But that's what's great about this passion of mine, I can put it aside for a long time...and it's still there when I want to get back to it.

My next project: "Fashionista" by TheArtLife. I love Daniela's projects. This will be good learning for me........HOW TO ALTER A BOOK. I already have my book picked out. It's called: The Greatest Love". I'm sure you have all heard or read this book. It used to be my Mother-in-laws favorite! I think that's why I picked this one. I will find pics of her to add to this Altered Book. Mmmm, maybe a tribute to her.

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