Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Don't kill me Rosie for posting this picture, I love it! I love candid shots! And I love the look on your face! Love you!

Another favorite place of mine... The Scrapbook Expo! We drove to Santa Clara on Saturday and browsed through all the scrappy goodies! It's always fun running into friends that I haven't seen in a while...I know I can usually find them there. It was pretty dark in the building but you can still get a good idea of what we were doing! Yes, shopping, shopping, shopping! My favorite find for the day were my die cuts for my "Revolution". I already have a million flowers, but I especially love the ones I bought from "Prima". Sizzix had a good sale, 50% off their dies, so I bought a large butterfly and a Nor-cal star, or better known as a 5 point star? I don't know what the right name is, but I bought one.

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Angelica said...

Rosemarry, you are too cute!!!! :-)