Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cleaning Again!

Have been cleaning out my "scrappy stuff" ~ again! I'm trying hard to re-arrange my shelving area in the closet. I have paper coming out of my ears! I'm taking the millions of pieces of paper that I haven't used in soo long and giving it away! I know it'll be used, but for my own use, it's been sitting on the shelves forever. I feel bad that it just "sits". But then I'm mad because I have allowed myself to buy so much. But (another "but") , I had good intentions for every piece of paper that I own. I love paper, what can I say? I am guilty of buying and going crazy over paper. I always thought I had to have the "latest and the greatest", but that's not going to be the case anymore! I know I need to use what I have. I have told myself that if I am going to buy paper, only buy and few pieces (yeah right!). Here is a layout I was working on before I tore into the closet that houses the million and trillion pieces of paper. I keep telling myself not to scrap anything until I am happy with the cleaning out and re-arranging of the closet! Lette...get ready for some scrappy stuff.........cause it's about to come your way! I just love looking at this (un-finished) layout because of the colors. I love all the blue, and I don't really create layouts using the color blue. Maybe because it's summer, I dont' know. Maybe it's the "beautiful" pics of my Gelica and Rosie. Yeah, I think it is, because the "old lady" in this pic has yellow on.

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