Friday, August 22, 2008

Almost Done!

All week I have been working on my scrappy area in the computer room. About four hours in the morning and then a few at night. It's coming along. I can't believe the paper though, and all those layouts, projects that I was going to do.....with all that paper! It feels good though, knowing I will share it with friends, that it will be used. That they are so happy when I give them my scrappy goodies! That's you Lette! It's all piled up in the upstairs hallway. I keep telling myself to call your Mommy, but I still haven't! We might need a truck to get this stuff outta here (just kidding)! Opps, sorry, I haven't even asked you if you want it?

Went over to Charleeny's lastnight and helped her out while the kids were at sports. I held that "little princess" for well over an hour straight! Yep, didn't put her down, didn't even give her to her mommy until it was time for her feeding! She's beautiful and makes me happy that I am her Auntie Velma!

Suppose to go into the City tomorrow to have dinner with our close friends that are here from Boston. I keep worrying about my back, but isn't that my worry all the time? Haven't decided what to do yet. I was thinking of taking Bart, but, I think they might close down by the time we are done visiting and dining with our friends. Mmm, does Bart close down? Anyway, "happy weekend" to all of you.

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ellejaye said...

I can't wait to show you all of my creations. I am so spoiled!! Thank you again! I'll have to come scrap with my mom and the rest of you one of these Fridays!