Sunday, June 22, 2008


Ok, everyone that knows me...knows how much I love my doggie. His name is "Boston Rey". I bought him from my husband's home town in Marlboro, MA. Yep, bought my little guy a ticket and I carried him with me the entire plane ride, he never made a whimper, didn't pee nor poop, he was such a little traveller! He's now 7 yrs. old. Last week, something bit him, was very infected. The vet drained what they could, inserted a long drain, was put on antibiotics. I'm also putting warm compresses on the one side of his butt, where he got bit. The swollen area isn't really going down. I keep praying it'll get better. He slept with me through this entire ordeal. He usually sleeps with me at the foot of my bed, or right below me on the carpet. He's my "little guy", so I have to baby him! He's very spoiled. He's so loveable and protects our family and anyone who is in our home!

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