Sunday, June 1, 2008


Went to San Ramon at "Stamper's Warehouse". The air was crisp and as usual, the trees and flowers were beautiful, everything was so full of color. Landscaping was done so nicely. We also had little people with us, Abi, Beka and D.J. ~ I have to share this touching story: Charleen's little guy, D.J. (he's 4) loves to pick flowers for me. Well this time, he picked flowers alright! He ran up to me with flowers, as I was bending down to take the flowers from him, I notice that he had literally pulled out the entire plant.........just for me! "here Auntie Velma, these flowers are for you"! It was so cute, I kissed him, and we all started laughing. I had to explain to D.J. that we had to re-plant the flowers. So there he went, smashing the flowers into the dirt as fast as he could. (I forgot to take a picture of my flower!)It was the cutest thing. From there, we went and had Mexican food for lunch. We headed up to Pleasant Hill to "My Daughter's Wish". Oh my gosh, they had the latest and greatest scrappy goodies. It felt good to be there, looking and being able to touch everything. I haven't been to a scrap store in a long time. I didn't know where to look first. I think I will call them the home of "7 Gpysies" because their selection is awesome. Everywhere I turned, all my favorite goodies were looking at me and saying, "buy me". Mmm, trying to think of my favorite goody I purchased. I can't name just one, so I'll name a few. The transparencies by 7-Gpysies for my 4X6 ATC Holder are awesome. Oh, and I love the company "Tatterd Angels". I purchased a couple bottles of the glimmer mist, some beautiful stencils and some glimmer chips. I really like the sheer, wide ribbon with the butterflies too. Ok, I bought alot so I will stop here because I can't name everything, and if my hubby sees this post, he'll chase me around the house with questions! Well that's not gonna happen! We had a good time, good friends, and good scrappy stuff. Now I have to put my mind in gear and use my new stuff but not until I finish the Journal Notebook ~ I'm almost there! Opps, almost forgot. Picked up some adorable goodies from "The Art Life", by Daniele Costa, her new company is really cute (you did a great job Daniele) so many cool "findings" for my books and layouts. My kit that she designed will be used for my Mother's pics of her when she was a young girl. Can't wait to get my hands in it. Rosemary, Charleen and Gelica....I had so much fun! Two scrap stores in one day ~~~~~~~ makes for a fun ROAD TRIP.

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ellejaye said...

Hi Velma!! I'm so glad you're blogging all of your wonderful adventures. I love seeing what you guys are up to! I also love seeing my mom have so much fun. She is so blessed to have you as a friend! Keep on blogging!!