Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I have been trying to go into my "scrappy room", to try and put things away. Ugh....My problem? Things just seem to stack up on my project desk, and then I come along and add more. I did, however, get a box and managed to put some goodies in it for my girlfriend's daughter.....yeah! That's you "Let"! Maybe it's stuff I just didn't want to put away? No, I want to share! I was able to clean out two baskets, putting things in their "little home" in my scrap room. OK, my desk is nice and clean and all is well. When I want to be downstairs with the rest of the world, I get a basket, gather some supplies ~ papers, ribbons, rub-ons, the trimmer, the ATG gun dispenser (that I carry here and there and end up misplacing it! I'm waiting to leave it at the nursing home where my "mommy" resides) So, I get my stuff out, work on it, go upstairs and get more goodies! Then I end up with this huge mess downstairs, I pack it up, the table in the diningroom or kitchen is nice and clean, then "wham", it sits downstairs until I am ready to lug it back up!

Got out my June Kit from "Cocoa Daisy", (I love my Cocoa Daisy goodies, my kit comes every month with the latest and greatest stuff!) spread it all out and lost all my imagination! Stared at it a little longer, shut down the lights and came down stairs!I think it's because I haven't been feeling good all week. Just plain "icky".

Everyone is asleep, Boston already ate his breakfast. Waiting for my hubby to walk through the door. I'm headed upstairs to see if my "creativelyouttacontrol" mind is back to being creative! Let's see if I can do this, I do know what the problem is, I want to create a mini album, but I can't! I have to create layouts, layouts and more layouts! Will let my wonderful friends (who read my blog) know what I've come up with later on. Happy Saturday to all of you!


Angelica said...

Good morning, the challenge was only for the week ending 6-20, unless Charleen gave you another one :)


ellejaye said...

You've already spoiled me!!:) PLEASE let me know next time you're in town so I can give you the grand tour!! -Let