Friday, July 11, 2008


Happy Friday to all my friends out there! As many of you know, I can't handle the "heat". It's hot in here Tracy Town. I'm so hot and sticky, I can't bring myself to cool down and start "creating".

I've been feeling so tired, hot and sticky, that late at night, 11:30, I will go and get into the pool for about 20 minutes, enough to cool down and do my excersies for my lower back. Shower and then it's bed. This has been helping me to sleep all night.

Over the "4th", I created a butterfly mini album called "Memories", to celebrate our 15 yrs. in our home. Gosh, Eric was 10 and Samantha was 2-1/2. 1993 and it was the "4th" of July weekend we moved into our very own home. We were so pleased and excited. These years have flown by, alot of changes, and my babies not being babies anymore ~~~ beautiful young adults now, and all the changes, I'm not sure I can handle, but I know I have too, because it's "Life". Ok, done with the personal stuff!

I have been getting into my old stash, papers mostly, and pulling them out and wanting to use them, I sure do miss them. They were the "must have" papers way back when. Some Daisy D's, Quick Quotes, and Dream Street Designs. Oh, and I am definitely going to start incorporating my stamps, Prima, 7-Gypsies, Autumn Leaves into my layouts and mini albums, my poor hundred of stamps have just been sitting here staring me in the face. Watch for my postings of my butterfly album, coming ~~~~~~~~~~well, I'm not sure yet!

Saying goodbye for now, have a good weekend and try to stay cool. (my hubby took his bike in today, ugh, that heat blowing on my face would knock me to the freeway!)

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