Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Monday

Hope your weekend was a good one. My family took the jet ski out also with some good friends from my hubby's office. They barbequed tri-tip, corn and ate alot of good food! Me? Didn't get to the lake because of my painful back. Yes, I'm tired of pain, and pills and just being tired. Going to another MRI with "contrast" per Dr.'s orders for a NeuroSpinal Surgeon in Modesto. Gee, will he agree to remove all the metal in me?

On a scrappy note: I did a layout using Studio Calico's June kit. Ahhh, I love this line of October Afternoon paper for summer layouts! I love it so much, I've been just looking at it, oh, for about 3 days now. I like it so much I keep touching everything, I think it's time to glue this baby together? As soon as I do all that, I'll post it! Have a good Monday (I don't care for Mondays, especially this afternoon)

Let! I love your POST! While looking and scrolling down, I felt like I was a child again. Being born in S.F. and spending so much time at the Palace of Fine Arts, playing with the ducks and opps! falling into the water! Yes, that would be me, way back along time ago, and I'm talking a long long time ago! I love all the pics of you and the kids and your parents! I'm so happy you had a wonderful day.

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ellejaye said...

SF was soooooo much fun. I can't believe you fell in! Although, Jack came very close a couple of times. Thanks again for all of the goodies!!