Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Love Purses!! And Wallets too, and maybe a hat?

We did a Road Trip to the Galt Flea Market. Myself, Rosemary, Angelica and Reiko. We all got up early, (with the roosters! I was dragging my feet, so tired and complaining the whole way, "are we there yet"?) Got to the Flea Market and the weather was perfect! We walked around talking, laughing, giggling, and just taking everything in. We bought this and that. My favorite finds for the morning...BUTTERFLIES! Yes, I think I bought them in every color! Going into the vendors booths were fun. Oh, except one. Rosemary and I were on the floor looking at purses, we saw so many purses, I couldn't decide which one to buy so I bought all three! At one point, I was on the floor, so tired and my back was hurting, I had been looking at this black leather (well, they said it was leather!) wallet for a while and I finally asked Rosemary to put the wallet back for me. Well, she put the wallet back all right. She did exactly what I had told her to do. Off we went to other vendors booths looking around. I opened up my purse to get something and there it was..........the wallet I had asked Rosie to put back, it was in "MY PURSE"! Oh my gosh! I grabbed Rosie and told her and we both started laughing, but, when I saw the wallet in my purse, I immediately looked around to see if security, or someone had been following me to grab me for shop lifting. Rosie and I went back to the booth where the wallet belonged. I was such a chicken, I told Rosie, "here's the wallet, you do it"! She took the wallet out of my purse and kinda threw it on the table and off we went, acually, we kinda ran! You had to have been there to understand. For me, it was scary, but at the same time, it was hilarious! I could just see the headlines in the paper............"Two crazy women from Tracy steal wallet and are totally outta control"! From there, back to the bathroom I went (for the 50th time). Ahhh, the carmel popcorn was the best!

The 4 of us

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