Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rosemary and I set out around 9:30 and headed to Santa Clara. It was that time of year again, EXPO! We missed you Gelica! So strange that you weren't with us! We also bumped into Arlene and Bona ~ GGS girls, I know them from the club and their blogs, meeting them was great!

This year, there didn't seem to be alot of vendors, some regulars were there and some were not! The booths were smaller. But the amount of ladies cropping, they had a house full!(one whole side are where the vendors are set up ~ other side is the "cropping area") I have yet to attend this "crop", they go for two days, early in the morning, to midnight. This would so get me into trouble, you're scrapbooking, you need something, and "wham"! You go a few feet and everything and anything is at your finger tips! I did pretty good with my spending ~ what helped me? I STAYED AWAY FROM THE TATTERED ANGELS booth! Last year, I spend about $350-$400! That's pretty bad! Even with the new products and colors they had at CHA, I still stayed away. Two times, I looked up and there they were. Rosemary said, "come on, let's go in" ~ "not me, I'm not going in"! And I didn't! I almost bought the new Sizzix Epic, handed it to the guy with some "dies" to hold for me. As I walked around, I thought about it, I decided not to buy it as I have had my "BIG SHOT" for along time now and it's works great! So I told him I'd pass, bought the "dies" and left. I wanted more dies, but they are not cheap! It's pretty bad when 5:00 hits and the guy on the loud speaker is telling you to "clear the floor". So there I am, still shopping. They literally mean it! They need to bring in pallets for the vendors and won't do this until the floors are cleared of shoppers. So I'm doing my thing and decide I really need to leave. Once we got into the lobby, there they were again...Arlene and Bona. And so, that's my Expo story. Until next time...............


weeziechk said...

Velma - I appreciate so very much your creative style - your work is terrific - I wish we had an expo in the midwest - the expos sounds like soooo much fun - I could probably "window shop" all day - thanks for sharing - GGS Sistahs are the best

Stephanie said...

Velma :) !!! Awesome POST!! Loved hearing all about it!! :) really beautiful smiles too!! and that green hat... love that cricut man!! thanks for sharing all the details on your trip ... how super fun it was and to run into GGS pals too! great time !!
with a grin,
love the bling! ;) heee