Friday, October 10, 2008

Eating Eating and More Eating!

I don't know about you, but I don't eat three meals a day. Up at the house, a nice big breakfast was always served at 8:30 am. By the time I was done, my tummy was so full, I would have to go and try to do a little walking in the driveway. Just when that "feeling of fullness" would subside, oh my gosh, it was time to eat lunch which was served at 12:30. And they were big lunches too! Then when you get rid of that icky full feeling, you go about your business, scrapping, napping, walking, going into town, then it's time for dinner! And with dinner, we always had a nice dessert...who could pass that up? One night it was Cherry Pie, another night, Creme Broulee (sp?)I can't think of the third one we had. The dinners this time were pretty good. I think maybe, just maybe it is Red Peppers season? We had red peppers with almost every meal. Roasted Red Pepper Soup, Red Peppers sauteed with zuccini and onions. Then it was red pepper something again red pepper this and that! Red pepper cookies ~ not! just kidding! And low and behold! For Sunday morning, the chef was with us making our omelettes, you could add anything and everything to it, and there it was! RED PEPPERS! Don't get me wrong, they are good and so pretty in color, but not for every stinking thing you put in your mouth. I bet this was why I couldn't "you know what" the whole time I was up in the mountains. Ok, here's a hint: you need a toilet. But all in all, yes, our meals were good. You will never, and I mean never! starve up at "camp crop". Three meals a day. Yum! And don't forget, there were "13" of us, and each of usbrought a snack to share. So, we're talking food all over the place- and at night there were times I was busting into the refrigerator and going for "snacky stuff." As you can see in the photo, we all couldn't sit there, there's that table near the kitchen, and then we also had the long table in the dining room. This was where I sat for my meals because the mountain scenery from the window is "breathtaking"!

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