Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Scrapbooking Trip

Here it is..."My Favorite Place". Well, at least one of my favorites! I've been going to this same country style house up in the Sonora Mountains since 2002! It's been warm, hot and one March, we even got snowed in. We got one night of rain, it was beautiful waking up to the crisp air, everything wet ouside, and having a nice cup of coffee and just taking it all in. It's so beautiful in Tuolomne County at this time of year. So, the room you see to the left is where we set up for scrapbooking. Leaving it all out, not having to clean it up, no excuses for not finishing a project. But I'm famous for not finishing stuff. But, I did manage to get some scrappy goodies done.

We saw the deer, quickly went back up to the house to get our cameras, but when we returned, they just looked at us and went into the trees. It's so amazing how they just seem to "blend" right in with nature.

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