Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Road Trip

Here's the layout I said I would post when we took our trip to the "Galt Flea Market. I love the colors. Mmm, I'm looking at it, I forgot to add the green ribbon to the bottom. Gotta go and do that! Hope you like it. I love the people in the pic! With the help of Reiko, I finally got my punch, it's the frame behind the picture of the four of us. Thank you Reiko!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Monday

Hope your weekend was a good one. My family took the jet ski out also with some good friends from my hubby's office. They barbequed tri-tip, corn and ate alot of good food! Me? Didn't get to the lake because of my painful back. Yes, I'm tired of pain, and pills and just being tired. Going to another MRI with "contrast" per Dr.'s orders for a NeuroSpinal Surgeon in Modesto. Gee, will he agree to remove all the metal in me?

On a scrappy note: I did a layout using Studio Calico's June kit. Ahhh, I love this line of October Afternoon paper for summer layouts! I love it so much, I've been just looking at it, oh, for about 3 days now. I like it so much I keep touching everything, I think it's time to glue this baby together? As soon as I do all that, I'll post it! Have a good Monday (I don't care for Mondays, especially this afternoon)

Let! I love your POST! While looking and scrolling down, I felt like I was a child again. Being born in S.F. and spending so much time at the Palace of Fine Arts, playing with the ducks and opps! falling into the water! Yes, that would be me, way back along time ago, and I'm talking a long long time ago! I love all the pics of you and the kids and your parents! I'm so happy you had a wonderful day.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

So Happy and Excited

After leaving Galt, we headed up to Rocklin. It seemed forever! I know I drove the girls crazy, I was like a kid..."are we there yet"? Rosemary would say to me, "the next Bridge Velma and we'll be there". I closed my eyes, as I was exhausted from walking the flea market. I would open my eyes. Where was that darn bridge? "We're almost there", Rosemary would say. I swear, I never saw a bridge. This scrapbook store adventure was something we had wanted to do for so long. I didn't think I could make the drive because of my back. We stopped so I could get out to walk and stretch. Ok, so we finally get there (still never saw that bridge!) Reiko could not get out of the car fast enough, really, I was amazed, I was in awe just watching her, I didn't even get out of the car, I sat there and watched. She had smiles and smiles and more smiles. So, the girls are out of the car, I'm still watching, they're in store. The next thing I know, they are inside, at the window, product in their hands and holding it all up to show me. I still wasn't in the store yet. I started laughing so hard I knew if I didn't go inside I was gonna pee my pants! Now I'm in the store. I just looked at everything, I didn't move, I just stood there. This place was so spread out with goodies all over the place, rows and rows and more rows of scrappy goodness were everywhere. It was all that and more that people told me it would be. Yes, I was in scrapbook heaven! As I was walking around, I hardly saw the girls, if I wanted them, I called them on their cell phones...."where are you"? After being there a while, my cell phone rang. It was Angelica, well maybe not, I can't remember, finally found Gelica, by yelling her name (remember, this place is huge), she found her "paper line", yes! Her "coffee" line of paper that she designed was there on the racks. One of the employees told me that they couldn't keep that paper in stock, they were always having to re-order. The best part of this day ~~~ was the happiness I saw on the girls faces.

I Love Purses!! And Wallets too, and maybe a hat?

We did a Road Trip to the Galt Flea Market. Myself, Rosemary, Angelica and Reiko. We all got up early, (with the roosters! I was dragging my feet, so tired and complaining the whole way, "are we there yet"?) Got to the Flea Market and the weather was perfect! We walked around talking, laughing, giggling, and just taking everything in. We bought this and that. My favorite finds for the morning...BUTTERFLIES! Yes, I think I bought them in every color! Going into the vendors booths were fun. Oh, except one. Rosemary and I were on the floor looking at purses, we saw so many purses, I couldn't decide which one to buy so I bought all three! At one point, I was on the floor, so tired and my back was hurting, I had been looking at this black leather (well, they said it was leather!) wallet for a while and I finally asked Rosemary to put the wallet back for me. Well, she put the wallet back all right. She did exactly what I had told her to do. Off we went to other vendors booths looking around. I opened up my purse to get something and there it was..........the wallet I had asked Rosie to put back, it was in "MY PURSE"! Oh my gosh! I grabbed Rosie and told her and we both started laughing, but, when I saw the wallet in my purse, I immediately looked around to see if security, or someone had been following me to grab me for shop lifting. Rosie and I went back to the booth where the wallet belonged. I was such a chicken, I told Rosie, "here's the wallet, you do it"! She took the wallet out of my purse and kinda threw it on the table and off we went, acually, we kinda ran! You had to have been there to understand. For me, it was scary, but at the same time, it was hilarious! I could just see the headlines in the paper............"Two crazy women from Tracy steal wallet and are totally outta control"! From there, back to the bathroom I went (for the 50th time). Ahhh, the carmel popcorn was the best!

The 4 of us

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Here is the butterfly acrylic album I said I would post! I really like it, it was fun to create. I always tell myself to be simple, but I always end up getting everything out I own and then have this "huge" mess that sits there until I can clean it up. I'm serious, the front page must have three different colors of paint. I kept messing up, or didn't like it and would keep painting over it. The front cover also has a Hambly orange graph overlay on top. Paint, distressing, modge podge. The bird is a Heidi Swapp Ghost with a piece of paper from A Cherry On Top that I cut out. Chipboard swirls with paper from Quick Quotes and then finally the ribbon. I love my new ribbon with the butterflies on it. I got that on our road trip to Stamper's Wherehouse in Danville (remember - when D.J. picked flowers for Auntie Velma). I love the picture of Boston (my little doggie) looking at his paw prints on the deck. The picture of me and Rosanne was taken on the 4th of July, we met 15 yrs. ago when we all moved into our neighborhood. That's why my mini album is called memories! I need to find photos now to complete my album. Hope you like it!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Happy Friday to all my friends out there! As many of you know, I can't handle the "heat". It's hot in here Tracy Town. I'm so hot and sticky, I can't bring myself to cool down and start "creating".

I've been feeling so tired, hot and sticky, that late at night, 11:30, I will go and get into the pool for about 20 minutes, enough to cool down and do my excersies for my lower back. Shower and then it's bed. This has been helping me to sleep all night.

Over the "4th", I created a butterfly mini album called "Memories", to celebrate our 15 yrs. in our home. Gosh, Eric was 10 and Samantha was 2-1/2. 1993 and it was the "4th" of July weekend we moved into our very own home. We were so pleased and excited. These years have flown by, alot of changes, and my babies not being babies anymore ~~~ beautiful young adults now, and all the changes, I'm not sure I can handle, but I know I have too, because it's "Life". Ok, done with the personal stuff!

I have been getting into my old stash, papers mostly, and pulling them out and wanting to use them, I sure do miss them. They were the "must have" papers way back when. Some Daisy D's, Quick Quotes, and Dream Street Designs. Oh, and I am definitely going to start incorporating my stamps, Prima, 7-Gypsies, Autumn Leaves into my layouts and mini albums, my poor hundred of stamps have just been sitting here staring me in the face. Watch for my postings of my butterfly album, coming ~~~~~~~~~~well, I'm not sure yet!

Saying goodbye for now, have a good weekend and try to stay cool. (my hubby took his bike in today, ugh, that heat blowing on my face would knock me to the freeway!)