Saturday, May 15, 2010

How lucky am I.................this is my beautiful mini that Stephi (withagrin) created for me! We decided a while back, that we would create a mini book for each other. We would take our time and just have fun with the process. This mini is called...."my mega mini", as it's popping with awesome pages with so many pockets and tags, flowers, so many wonderful embellishments. This mini is certainly a "Masterpiece"...and it's mine!

Thank you so much Stephi, my whole face was lit up with smiles when this arrived in the mail. I spent hours and hours going through every page, every detail, pulling out tags, touching every thing and also wondering how you did certain techniques! It even stayed on my nightstand at night so I could look at it. I truly love this mini and I will cherish this forever..........My Treasure !!! I'm thanking you a million times. Big Hugs to you!
I am sure I rotated each picture before I posted.............I'm sorry they aren't rotated, but you can still see the Beauty of this mini! I don't know which is my favorite page, because they're all so beautiful!

Turned the wrong way...........but it's still so awesome!

I love this transparency! "LIFE IS GOOD"

Opps, and another one upside down, but it's still beautiful! Omgosh! The third time I messed it up. I know I rotated these pics. But I'm not going to change anything ~ I'll mess everything up if I attempt it.

This picture is "priceless". I love looking at photos of my Mother. Thank you Stephi for adding this to my mini.
And yes, we are turned around again...........................................................I guess I'm not a very good blogger...posting pictures today... at least I posted this for the world to see how very blessed I am to have a friend in Stephi.


Marie said...

Beautiful! Stephi did such a wonderful job with the details. Love it! Big Hugs, Marie.

Van Pronounced Vung said...

Definitely a treasure!

Stephanie said...

thank you Velma.. your too kind! your mini you made IS A REAL MASTERPIECE That I treasure :) ... FOREVER!
AND..ever :)
hugs and grins to you!!

Joanna said...

stunning mini, such a talented woman.

Angelica said...

This mini is amazing, can't wait to see it in person.



p said...

great mini.
aren't you lucky.
toilet roll mini scrapbook comp

Deni said...

I luv this album it's just gorgeous!
Oh I would luv one, dreaming one day I will be able to buy a really lovely mini album kit!!maybe from you guys!!!

Marlene said...

My friend Olga copied this entire mini for me (color). I've looked at it many time, it's amazing. Good for you Velma.
Thank you so much for following my blog, what an honor for me!

Susan said...

Your designs are wonderful. I have enjoyed my journey through your blog. Thank you for letting me visit.

Penny said...

beautiful mini from STeph... Velma you are so sweet, hope all is well with you, hugs for you sweetie... Penny

Jan said...

this album is just gorgeous!

Family American Style. said...

You have a wonderful talent and what you do is beautiful. You can share your site with others by going to Family American Style and go to Show off your creations. I'm also stopping by to let you know that I am doing a giveaway. Stop by and see.

BeeBeebabs said...

Beautiful work thanks for sharing