Friday, May 7, 2010


A huge thank you..........for your prayers... your kind and warm ever so caring words. Reading with tears... every word you wrote helped so much. It has helped my heart to be settled. And for my friends who are going through hard times with your loved ones, I have kept you in my prayers. I thank God for all of you, for the beautiful friends that you are and what your friendship means to me. I have shared with my Mother all of your encouraging words. She smiles... with tears, HAPPY TEARS (she tells me to tell you.."thank you"). So I am thanking you "a million times". Big Hugs to special friends.


mississchic said...

No problem doll, we care! Tell your mother we are thinking about her and her lovely kind daughter (that's you :)) she brought into the world.:)XOXO

Joanna said...

Big hugs to you and you mum :)

Stephanie said...

hugs to you Velma and your gorgeous mother!
Happy Mother's Day too!!

Michelle Tanedo said...

Velma! i love you and anyone who is dear to you is dear to me! I keep your mom and family in my prayers and i just want you to know i am here if you need to vent out! Happy Mothers Day to you and your beautiful Mom! Hugs,Michelle