Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I know I haven't been posting ~ I think it's been over a month! I've been busy.........just a lot going on.

I have some beautiful gifts I have received to share with you (some new and some from a while ago).............and then I will be sharing a couple of small projects.

Hugs to my scrappy artsy friends! Velma


Stephanie said...

HI Velma... super excited to see you posted :) hUgs to you and hoping this message finds you happy & scrappy!
with a grin,

Μαρία said...

Hi Velma... i really love your creations and i wish you will be able to post new ones, please do so! Maria, Athens, Greece

Shauna said...

I've missed seeing your updates, Auntie. Love you lots xoxoxo

craft_princess said...

Velma! Such gorgeous tag you did for Stephanie's swap! Thank you so much!!

Eve said...

Hi Velma
I just want to say thanks for your image tag and beautiful little charm I was un your images swap group with strphani(with a grin).
thanks again

Marlene said...

Hi Velma, so happy to see you posting. I know you're so busy with mom and I so apreciate you stoping by my blog and leaving a comment. You're amazing.
Praying for your family.