Monday, December 28, 2009


Would you like to see something so beautiful.........that you can't take your eyes off of it?'s a "MASTERPIECE", it's truly a work of "ART". And I have a ton of happy tears, because it was created just for me. What have I done to deserve such a wonderful piece of Art? Head on over to Marie's blog..........THE PRETTY PAPER to see what all the tears are about! Thank you a million times Marie! I am in love, in love with what I call a true 'MASTERPIECE'! And coming from means the world to me. Marie, you have truly touched my heart. Love, Ate Velma


**CrEaTiNgWiThAlOhA** said...

I saw what Marie made for you and it was definitely made with love...HOW awesome....

Jude said...

What a wonderful gift of ART. Marie's work is like your own!!!!! 2 DIE. What a treasure. Enjoy.
How is your MUM doing? Many Happy Christmas & New Year To U and UR Whanau
Arohanui XXxx

Jude said...

That was supose to say!!!!!!
2 DIE 4
I carnt spell I know????heheheh

Craft Stash said...

Hi Velma! Wow! Marie's artwork is so gorgeous!!! And you really deserve that beautiful art work, you've been so generous, a good hearted person and truly an ate to all the it's just right to give you something so special. Take care always and hope to see more of your techniques soon! :)

Hugs & love,

weeziechk said...

My darling Velma - Marie creates magnificient works of art - so glad she has shared them with such a generous person as yourself - have fun, fun, fun - hope all is going well with your mum - Velma, you are simply the best. TTFN
LL & P,