Monday, April 12, 2010


I DO NOT, AND I MEAN DO NOT... like YOU-TUBE !!! They have changed everything! And since then, I have had so much trouble posting comments to all of you. It's so frustrating, I can't even go in and do the "send message" under the "profile" area. Ugh..................................!

I received my beautiful Mini from Bona, Marie, Stephanie (withagrin), Michelle, Arlene and Ruthie. I wanted to leave more comments and I can't. Tomorrow I will be posting my beautiful mini that Bona was so sweet to host. Thank you Bona and thank you to all my wonderful mean so much to me! Everything and anything I tried to comment on even the videos of the mini ~ kept telling me "error, try again". So I would hit cancel and do it again and again and the same error thingy would come up.............What's wrong with those people over at U-tube? I hope they have gotten a lot of complaints and will fix it in a timely manner............yeah~ I am impatient!


mississchic said...

I saw the mini that was made for you and it was gorgeous. Youtube said that it'll be down for several hours today so nothing can be done on it til they're done fixing whatever. Don't worry you'll be able to leave all your comments soon. :) I'm getting used to the new Youtube layout still. I love your flower technique!! You are famous! ;)

Michelle Tanedo said...

HEY VELMA!!! IM soo happy you love the mini=D but I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN about was doing the SAME thing to me and i got sooooo damn frustrated!!!! lol they need to get on that asap!lol love you!! hugs,michelle

Joy said...

Hi Velma :) What a great gift from the talented girls! They did a gorgeous mini!

Regarding the "try again error". When your on youtube, scroll down the page til you see "Location", change the country to "worldwide" and that would fix the problem. I hope this helps! I had the same issue until i figured it out how to solve it. Now, go and leave your comments out there! lol!


KeeponScrappin said...

You're so welcome Velma! I'm so glad you love your mini. All the ladies pages came out SO beautiful.

Velma said...

Hi Joy, thank you for your suggestion re: youtube, my settings are on "worldwide", so I still don't like them! HA! And thanking you so much for the help, but mine isn't working.

And to all of you, thank you for your wonderful and sweet comments on my mini.

Stephanie said...

I think that youtube was doing maintenance or something!!?? I'm so happy your happy with your mini ;) you deserve a milion mini's filled with kisses all the way to the moon and back.. yeah.. thats how i feel about U!! ta-heee