Sunday, September 13, 2009


Happy Sunday to All of You! I have been getting comments regarding this....Prima Flowers and Mini Book Stamp.

The White Prima Flowers are from ""

The mini book stamp is from: ""

I love my stamp! I saw a post on Connie's blog: from one of her fun shopping spree's, she was so sweet in giving me the website. I have a few stamps from CatsLifePress, but, years ago, when I first started scrapbooking, I wasn't into Minibooks, so I must of scrolled right past the "mini book" stamp. Isn't it cute?

I have to say that I haven't really been doing any scrapbooking. Maybe in a rut? I don't know...........but, I am so excited to receive my first kit from Deux Shabby Chic! That will get my butt in gear! But, I have been trying to work on my girlfriend's mini book for her birthday...which was in August! I keep looking at it, not happy with the results, I sit there and analyze every stinkin little thing. Look at it some more, pull out more stuff, put it away, go back to it...ugh!!! I want it to be special for her. Ok, I will leave you with a little bit of fun, one of my very first, or second, not sure ~ Paper Bag mini I made when my husband went to Malta. Where is Malta you might be thinking? It's in the middle of the Red Sea! One of my husband's many travels! Here's the cover and a few pages. Hope you enjoy it.

Ok, I went into "images", hit "browse" saw my pictures, accidentally hit the wrong button and now I can't click on "images". I can't go back! I swear, my fingers aren't going in the right direction. I think cause I got up at 5:00 am and got right on my laptop. Must be tired still........duh!!! I'm waiting, but not patiently. Mmm, still waiting. Ok, this baby needs to rest (I guess).


weeziechk said...

Velma - I just love the style of all your projects - thank you for sharing - I've used your flower technique on all my minis since I viewed your vids (I give you credit on my vids) - thank you for the link to Simon - I have my shopping cart full already - just waitin' for the funds to roll around - TTFN

Arlene said...

Hi Velma! Just stoppin' by to show some love. hehe! Can't wait to see what you're workin' on for your friend. I know what you mean about being in a rut... I just crawled out of mine last week. For awhile there, I would just stare at my craft desk and walk away. I think it was the exhaustion from taking care of 3 sick little boys. :-( Anyhow, hope all is well and let us know when you get your DSC kits, it went postal yesterday, hoooooray! :-) big hugs, Arlene