Monday, July 20, 2009

OPPS ~ Made an Error!

Ok ladies............I apologize, sorry Bona! Arlene, it was your Blog too that I was on lastnight. You are the one with the "Acetate" technique! It was in the mini that you made for your if you both are reading this, I love your blogs! Sorry for the mix up! That minibook was awesome!


Brenda said...

Velma, I love the flowers that you made for Stephanie (with a grin). I would love it, if you did a video to show them upclose and also how you did them. Thanks for sharing. Brenda

Stephanie said...

Velma ;)

YES.. I was showing off your flowers you made to GGS!! They are amazing.. I'm gonna try TRY to make some this weekend!

with a grin,

Stephanie said...

I found Velma's technique on how she makes her flowers:

Arlene said...

Hey Velma! hehehe! No worries! It's so funny, Bona and I have been friends since the 2nd grade and until now people still confuse us for the same person. lol! :-) But it's okay... I have 2 brothers and I have always considered Bona my sister, I love the girl to death. hehe! :-) Lovin' your site. I'm going to read up now. hehehe! :-) hugs, Arlene