Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30, 2008

This morning, I stayed in my scrappy room and didn't come out for anything! I've been working on an altered notebook for my neighbor's daughter........who is getting married. It's a journal that she can use as she gathers info. for her up coming wedding. I've been working on it for a while. Each time i went out, i would see another cool notebook and say, "ok, this is the one I really want to use", and I would rip up the other one, and start all over again. Well, I am on the fourth one! And this has got to be it! I will post it soon!

It's evening now, we're here at Angelica's scrapbooking, well, we really should be scrapbooking, we're messing around and getting ready to eat our strawberry pastries with custard and whipping cream that Charleen made from scratch... yes, from scratch, even the puff pastry. As my kids would say when they were little, "you're such a good cooker". p.s. pics of our dessert will follow!

Can't go home late tonight, tomorrow is our "ROAD TRIP". We are headed to Pleasant Hill for a nice lunch and then to "My Daughter's Wish". Our scrappy adventure for the weekend. Can't wait! Will let you know what I got my hands on. Good night!

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